Website Maintenance
& Fixes

Like a vehicle or any important equipment your website must be maintained, fixed and upgraded as needed to make sure it continues to perform for your business.

Let us do the work for you!

WordPress Fundamentals

WordPress Fundamentals

Who is making sure everything is healthy under the bonnet of your WordPress site?

Some businesses leave it up to automated tools to manage plugin and theme updates, but fail to check the site is still working when they happen. This is where problems can start to develop.

ireckon clients utilise our services to make sure things operate smoothly month on month.

  • We manually check each site we manage
  • Our experienced team looks for red flags

There’s a lot more to consider with WordPress maintenance than just regular plugin updates including:

  • Who has access
  • Security
  • Rogue plugins
  • Performance of the site

Everyone wants their car to start as soon as they turn the key (or press the button) just as you want to ensure your site is always running optimally. Check your site in for a service.

Fixes and Improvements

Fixes and Improvements

When something goes wrong, who you gonna call?

It doesn’t matter if your previous web developer has disappeared or gone out of business – ireckon is still here nearly 30 years after it started.

We provide ongoing support for our client sites, and sites we’ve inherited over the years.

From urgent live site bugs impairing your ability to generate leads or make sales, through to planning and implementing new features, we can do it all.

Complex and custom problems are something we love – we’ve got the experience and knowledge to solve your problems.

Just because you have an older site doesn’t mean it can’t still work for you. We can help improve or fix things, well before you need to consider a complete overhaul. Let’s discuss how.

Bring your website up to scratch

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