E-commerce Site Audit

  • Have your sales dropped from your Woocommerce store?
  • Are you receiving high traffic, but low conversions?
  • Is your E-commerce website just not getting the results you want?

There are many factors that can contribute to the success of an e-commerce website. And most of the time, you probably don’t know what they are.

We’ll complete a Comprehensive E-commerce Site Audit to uncover where your Woocommerce website is going wrong.

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Package includes $830 of value for just $189, which you can then redeem in project credit with us!

Get in quick, only 10 audits available!

Only available for Woocommerce websites

What’s included?

  • A full audit using a comprehensive industry-leading 100pt e-commerce checklist
  • Usability review across the entire site
  • Technical SEO audit and content overview
  • Full evaluation and recommendations report
  • The audit fee is redeemable in project credit!*

Get in quick, only 10 audits available!

Only available for Woocommerce websites

What will we look at?

General site layout, navigation and hierarchy

Category and product optimisation

ireckon exclamation mark branding

Checkout process and conversion opportunities

Visuals, user functionality and usability + so much more!

How it works

Discovery Call

We’ll conduct a short discovery call with you to understand where your frustrations are sitting, what your goals are and any important technical historical information.

Website Audit

We’ll then jump straight into auditing your website! Using our comprehensive 100pt e-commerce checklist and technical expertise, we’ll take a deep dive on your site and analyse from head to toe. This can take up to 7 days

Evaluation Report

You’ll receive your evaluation and recommendations report 7 days after we begin our audit. This report will give you a full run down of which aspects of your site could be letting down your conversions, as well as personalised recommendations and industry standards that you should be following.

Project credit

The fee you paid for your audit will then go onto your account with us and can be used for any of our services within the next 12 months!

Why choose us?

Let’s jump in!

  • One-time payment of $189
  • $830 worth of value
  • Fee fully redeemable for project credit
  • Full report within 7 days of discovery call

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The small stuff

*Audit fee Ts & Cs: Audit fee is redeemable for project credit whereby the total cost of the project equals $1000 or more. Credit is valid for 12 months and can only be used across one website. Credit is non-transferrable.