The Process

When you engage us to build your new web project, we have a clearly defined process developed and refined to ensure each project produces the results it should.

The Process
Scope of works

Scope of Works

Any site we build needs to have a roadmap – we call this the Scope of Works.

You can develop your own or engage us to prepare one with you, but before we can provide a fixed priced quote for you, we must have a Scope of Works. It will include at least:

  • User research
  • Business overview
  • Goals
  • Sitemap
  • Page breakdown
  • Functional requirements
  • Wireframes (optional)
  • Examples of key elements
  • Core business requirements
  • Historical data

Find out more about how to get your website plan developed.



Based on the Scope of Works we will provide a fixed-price quote (or varied quote) which explains what is and isn’t included in the price provided.

We’ll also provide a list of requirements (e.g. if you’re providing the content when that will be required), a timeline for the project and the commencement date.



With everything ready we’ll all meet (face-to-face or virtually) to commence the project.

With delays between initial meetings and sign-off there can be business changes or other things which weren’t known at the time of the original briefing to be discussed.

We’ll also go through the design brief process, SEO, and any up-front technical briefings needed to help us initiate your project.

After that the project can kickoff.

Content Initiation Phase

Content Initiation Phase

When designing it’s always ideal to have the content developed alongside the design. Ultimately the two components have to work together.

Sometimes you can’t finalise content components until you have a working design, other times you can’t design without content to design around.

Both phases of the project will run simultaneously through draft, presentation, feedback, iterations and approval.

Design Phase

Design Phase

In conjunction with the content phase our designers convert what was wireframed previously and create design concepts in both mobile and desktop formats.

Each design is presented, goes through a feedback loop leading to final approval.

Once each item is approved it is passed to our integration team.

Back end development

Back End Development

Where relevant the back end programming team commences on the tools that will be required to deliver dynamic functionality to the site.

Much of this can be done prior to any front end design or content being finalised and is run simultaneously wherever possible to the other phases.



This phase of the project commences as soon as any works pass approval e.g. a design and content. We integrate each component into a secure staging site and build out the entire site where it can be viewed and tested.

Working with the design, content, SEO and back end teams, our integration team members bring everything together into a usable format.

Initial Client Reviews

Initial Client Reviews

When the first phase of integration is completed, and/or during the development process, you get to review the site in browser to match the approved designs and content.

At this point the site hasn’t been through any QA processes.

Once confirmation around the requirements is provided the site passes into our QA process.

Testing Phase

Testing Phase

Our QA team go through all components of the site to review:

  • Design match
  • Browser and device compatibility
  • Functional operation

Essentially checking that it looks and works like it should.

User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing

Now it’s over to you to conduct your UAT.

Any feedback within scope is resolved and any new out-of-scope requests are considered for delivery now or post-launch.

Once approved we prepared the site for release to a live production environment.

Launch & Test

Launch and Test

Working with your IT team or hosting provider we handle the complete release of the site.

Once released our QA team will conduct a live production test to ensure that everything working in our development environment is still working in production.

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support

Launching a site is just the beginning and our team is always behind the scenes to provide assistance with:

  • Ongoing improvements
  • Maintenance and updates
  • Support
  • Analysis and advice
  • Optimisation

We stand behind the sites we build and create long-term partnerships with our clients.

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