Planning Workshops

Speed up your planning process and deep dive to find the right answers.

Our workshops pack a lot of punch into a short timeframe to get you results.

Planning Workshops

On-site or virtually we run workshops to move your planning forward.

Location doesn’t matter when running a workshop and while face-to-face is our preferred method, we have plenty of experience running these workshops in a virtual format as well.

We’ll guide you through key facets of website planning to ensure what you actually want is part of the end documentation you prepare.

You’ll gain clarity over your whole site, from defining your web project, to mapping out delivery and your desired end results and how you can achieve them.

  • Mapping out realistic goals
  • Understanding your audience
  • Establising effective methods to achieve your goals
  • Developing your new information architecture
  • Identifying gaps in current capabilities
  • Content requirements
  • Technical requirements
  • and more

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